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QBS Canada is the passion project of Cal Harrison, who for almost 30 years has advocated for the abandonment of the price-based RFP when hiring professional services that are custom, complex, and costly.

Cal is the President of Beyond Referrals and the author of 3 books on the buying and selling of professional services including The Consultant with Pink Hair.

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QBS Canada offered in person and one on one training sessions in the past, but we were limited by geographical location and schedule timing. We developed the new e-learning platform to allow us to reach a larger audience on a global scale with unlimited potential. We are excited to begin the learning journey with you!

Our e-learning platform courses are geared towards buyers in looking to hire professional services firm for projects in accounting, architecture, engineering, consulting, IT, research, communications, design, and law areas. We can also teach vendors of professional services how to reduce sales costs and find opportunities for innovation and life-cycle planning.

There are no prerequistes for our courses, you can take them in the order you prefer or for what works best in your schedule. We can also work with you to determine a best path of completion. All our courses are available in english only at this time.

Visit the Learn page of QBS Canada to get information on our course offerings, pricing packages and digital downloads. You can also contact us with any questions.

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